3.3 million research subsidy for a city-wide, future-proof electricity system

How can we reduce local congestion problems on the electricity grid and offer the national energy markets more flexibility? With the energy transition, our electricity system is facing unique challenges. From 1 April 2021, partners in Utrecht, Arnhem and Delft will be working in a collaborative project, called ROBUST on a flexible and future-proof electricity […]

Enervalis raises 2.8 million euros in fresh capital

We are proud to report that a new capital round has been successfully completed. The capital was raised by the existing shareholders, being ABB – which was the lead in this round – LRM, Nuhma and Elia. The fresh money will be used, among other things, to accelerate sales, tap into new markets, expand internationally […]

Enervalis appoints Wim Boonen as CEO

We are pleased to announce that Wim Boonen has been appointed as the new CEO of Enervalis, as of September 1st, 2019. Before joining Enervalis, Wim served as Country Manager Retail The Netherlands at Total. He brings with him a broad knowledge and experience in the energy sector. He will phase in at Enervalis between September 1st […]

Enervalis spins out i.LECO

Effective January 1st 2019, Enervalis has decided to spin out part of its activities into a separate company called i.LECO. Stefan Lodeweyckx has stepped down as CEO of Enervalis and will head up i.LECO going forward. The business of i.LECO is concentrated on the more complex solutions for tertiary buildings and local energy communities. Enervalis has […]

“The beauty of Enervalis’ solution is that everyone wins”

Stefan Lodeweyckx, Enervalis’ CEO, published a new article on insightssuccess.com to explain how and why Enervalis’ green energy approach differs from its contenders. Several of the world’s largest companies are currently exploring the almost limitless possibilities of green energy. However, green energy sources like wind and solar are highly weather dependent and are therefore largely unpredictable. “At Enervalis, we understand […]

The rise of EV’s: Curse or blessing?

Stefan Lodeweyckx, founder and CEO of Enervalis, published an article with some revealing insights about electric vehicles (EV’s) on insightssuccess.com. “Because of the grid/power problems that start to appear in several countries, the general public might think that EV’s are a bad evolution because ‘We already have electrical energy problems without all those EV’s’”, explains Stefan Lodeweyckx, Enervalis’ CEO. “It is […]

Enervalis software will be used to balance the Dutch TSO network with distributed assets

Enervalis is very pleased to have been selected for a proof of concept pilot request from Tennet regarding novel ways to use distributed assets to help balance the network in the future.This is perfectly inline with the vision of Enervalis that on one hand the increasing share of renewables and electrification would become a major challenge, but […]

Together with Minister Tommelein, Minister Wiebes (the Netherlands) and our 8 colleague partners we had the pleasure to celebrate the success of our joined project “REnnovates”

The 9 Parties in the European innovation program REnnovates, including 3 Belgian, Vito, Belfius and Enervalis, announced on Tuesday 28 August the results of their Horizon 2020 study. REnnovates studied the possibilities of transforming existing residential districts into energy-neutral smart grids. The results came from the transformation of 249 existing rental properties to smart zero-on-the-meter […]