Site optimisation

The Enervalis platform provides control over all energy assets from one dashboard. The transcendent nature makes it possible to have local energy assets work together intelligently. This results in optimization of energy consumption and generation and reduction of cost for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Energy & Asset Management

Remote insight and control

The Enervalis platform brings together different services in one dashboard. This gives you an overview of what happens at site level with all available assets. Regardless of the asset type and manufacturer. The platform offers insights into energy flows, user behavior, maintenance and malfunctions. Next to this assets can be managed remotely, for example via resets and adjustment of settings.

The objective behind the ‘Rennovates’ project – part of the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission – is to examine the extent to which older rented houses can be converted in a cost-efficient manner, in such a way that they meet today’s efficiency and comfort standards.

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