A key role
in energy transition

Enervalis believes that IOT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) through self-learning algorithms, are the answer to the mass adoption of “green” consumption in the energy marketplace

Enervalis Platform

Energy & Asset management

The platform is typically used in two ways. The first is mutually optimizing energy assets at a location. An objective can be to achieve maximum self-consumption of solar. The second is leveraging the flexibility of energy assets in energy markets. Energy assets are constantly pooled and aggregated and offered as products on the market for imbalance, for example FCR or aFRR.


Unlimited scalability

The Enervalis platform is a light though robust software solution that enables a decentralized platform with unlimited scalability. It comes as a hardware-agnostic and modular SaaS platform open to all common interface protocols. The platform monitors all available energy sources such as solar, wind or energy storage (batteries), sensors and demand side resources such as HVAC, EV chargers and Electric Vehicles. But where it stops for the traditional energy monitoring solution vendor, it really gets started for Enervalis.

The Enervalis platform Forecast supply and demand and it’s flexibility making use of weather forecasts, user inputs, historical behavior, occupancy rate, all driven by full automated self-learning algorithms. The platform controls the energy flexibility in the system to optimize pre-defined strategies such as maximization of green energy consumption, lowest cost, peak curtailment, etc. The platform comes in different forms though full integrated sub modules.

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