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green society

We believe the world is evolving to 100% green energy production and that most of the energy consumption will be electric. This is the only way to keep our climate and planet healthy.

Discover how we at Enervalis deploy the latest technologies to facilitate this prosperous and healthy energy transition:

The Smartpower Suite® is a light though robust agent based software solution that enables a decentralized platform with unlimited scalability. It comes as a hardware-agnostic SaaS middleware platform open to all common interface protocols. The Smartpower Suite® monitors all available energy sources such as solar, wind or energy storage (batteries), sensors and demand side resources such as HVAC, Electric Vehicles etc,). But where it stops for the traditional energy monitoring solution vendor, it really gets started for Enervalis.

With the Smartpower Suite® we Forecast supply and demand and it’s flexibility making use of weather forecasts, user inputs, historical behavior (big data), occupancy rate, all driven by full automated self-learning algorithms. The Smartpower Suite® controls the energy flexibility in the system to optimize pre-defined strategies such as maximization of green energy consumption, lowest cost, peak curtailment, etc. The Smartpower Suite® comes in different forms though full integrated sub modules.

Next to the commercial projects, Enervalis is actively involved in multiple funded research projects in Europe such as Rennovates, Wiser, Drive, GeoFit, Flux50, …

As a consequence of the decentralized green energy revolution, the traditional Hub-Spoke architecture of the electricity grid is evolving very fast into a meshed network of interconnected micro grids. It is like the Internet of Energy as we call it. Discover how the Smart Microgrids solution combines all above mentioned solutions for local grid management. Find out more.
The Smart Buildings component of the Smartpower Suite® does not only serve dwellings like residential homes or stacked buildings. Also Tertiary buildings do improve their energy efficiency significantly through our smart building solution, compared to the traditional Building Management solutions. Find out more.
With the Smart EV Charging module of the Smartpower Suite® we help the individual Electric Vehicle driver, the e-Mobility providers, Energy Suppliers, Landlords as well as Facility companies to benefit maximally from the available green energy while maximizing charging comfort through optimized building integration in many different ways. Find out more.

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