We believe the world is
evolving to 100% green
energy production

Enervalis was established in 2013 with the mission to play a key role in Energy Transition.

From the start, Enervalis believed that IOT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) through self-learning algorithms, would be the answer to the mass adoption of “green” consumption in the energy marketplace. After years of hard work, our Smartpower Suite® is the backbone to multiple Smart Microgrids. We enable and optimize hundreds of homes and buildings, and thousands of Electric Vehicle (EV) charge stations to maximize green charging.

At Enervalis, we believe that the world is evolving to a 100% green energy production. Our staff consists of highly skilled international energy experts building an energy-efficient and healthier world. Together with our customers, partners and shareholders, we from Enervalis enable a 100% green energy society.

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer: Wim Boonen,
35 years in creating innovation in energy

Chief Technology Officer: Niels Vanspauwen,
20 years in managing teams building innovative software solutions

Chief Financial Officer: vacancy,
supporting the business in Finance, Accounting and M&A

Board of directors

Director: Johan Peeters (ABB)

Director: Ludo Kelchtermans (Nuhma)
Director: Sydney Van Bokhoven (ABB)

External Shareholders


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