The challenge

Buildings account for 40% of the final energy consumption and 36% of the CO2 emissions on EU Level. In order for the building stock to effectively contribute to the global climate target, the built environment must undergo a deep transformation in a smart and energy efficient way leading to a full decarbonisation by mid of this century. Residential, commercial and tertiary buildings therefore will need to evolve towards micro-energy hubs that will consume, produce, store and supply energy more flexibly then before.

Secondly, 90% of our time is spent inside buildings. A smart and energy efficient building needs to adapt its operation to the needs of its occupants, providing a healthy and comfortable indoor climate at the lowest energy cost possible while interacting with the electricity grid to provide additional value to the decentralized energy system.

These challenges impose profound shifts in how we look at and implement future-proof building energy management solutions, that were not possible before.

Our solution

The Smart building solution within the Smartpower Suite© is the most advanced cloud based solution on the market that offers both enhanced energy monitoring functionalities combined with smart energy control as the software learns from the usage of your energy assets and the occupancy of the building.
The Smartpower Suite® adapts its control strategy to the occupancy behaviour, weather forecasts, energy purchasing costs and demand side response opportunities within the operational boundaries set by the user. Our Software as a service (SaaS) ‘pay as you go’ model allows for easy and hassle-free upgrades when an end-user does not want to benefit from the full capabilities of our solution as from the beginning.
Standard monotoring solutions Enhanced monotoring solutions Enervalis Smartpower Suite©
Amount of data and speed Low Medium High
Amount of devices and sensors Low Medium High
Real-time info x x x
Reporting x x x
Alarm settings x x x
Customer Interfacing x x x
Benchmarking x x
Advise on energy savings x x
Advanced service & maintenance x x
Energy savings through smart control x
Peak load reduction x
Various Demand/Response (DR) services x
Local green selfconsumption x
In 2017 already hundreds of houses and buildings have been equiped already with the Smart building Solution of Enervalis. For the residential market, often the solution has been developed our partners being at the energy hart of a “Zero Emission House”. In the Netherlands many households save already a lot of money through the self-consumption of their own green energy production without any sacrifice to their level of comfort. On the contrary, not only good to them but to all of us. See one of the successes in the video below:


  • Improved occupancy comfort and health:
    Always the right temperature and ventilation when the building is in use in order for the occupants to be productive in a pleasant and healthy environment.
  • Reduced energy bill:
    The Smartpower Suite® effectively manages, controls and steers your building, based on the occupancy behaviour and your personal settings and gives you a detailed insight in all your energy consumptions. You’ll directly save energy and make money without any intervenience!
  • Benchmarking & customized recommendations
    Learn how your energy consumption compares to your peers and get personalized recommendations on how to save more energy and money.
  • Future-proof
    Seamless integration with all possible energy assets like heat pumps, HVAC systems, solar generation, battery storage, electric vehicle infrastructure.
  • Active participation in energy and demand response markets
    Reduce or increase your energy consumption without impacting your comfort at times of supply and demand mismatch on grid level and benefit from additional financial returns (building to grid).

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