The challenge

In recent years, electric vehicles have grown from a niche market to mass-production. For the first time, the share of new sold full electric vehicles worldwide was more than 1% in 2017.

If that same annual growth rhythm is going to continue, 8 out of 10 sold vehicles will be electric by 2030.

If all newly sold vehicles within the European Union (approx 14 million in 2016) would be electric, an aditionnal 40TWh of energy consumption would be added on a yearly basis.

This booming EV fleet therefore requires an enormous expansion of the available charging infrastructure. Secondly, uncontrolled charging cycles will impose huge stress on the electric grid as they were not designed to accommodate these additional peak loads resulting in expensive infrastructure upgrades and electricity production coming from expensive and polluting peak power plants.

Luckily, passenger cars are stationary for more than 90% of the time. If integrated and charged in a smart way, electric cars can even facilitate an accelerated integration of renewable energy and provide additional grid related services.

Our solution

Enervalis provides you with the most complete EV toolset to deliver future-proof and highly scalable smart charging solutions. Through state-of-the-art self-learning algorithms, our patented Smartpower Suite® platform predicts the needed energy and departure time of the EV-driver based on historical charging patterns while taking into account the local grid constraints. Additional revenue streams are unlocked by enabling implicit and explicit demand response valorization and/or grid related services towards the TSO and DSO.

Our smart charging solutions are designed and developed to support all actors in the e-mobility value chain, ranging from grid operators, e-mobility service providers, utilities to installers. Combined with our own hardware solution and Network Operating Center NOC portal, we provide you with a one-stop shop solution for all your smart charging needs including seamless upscaling to a full smart building.


  • Green Charging:
    1) maximize consumption of own-generated green energy
    2) charge when grid electricity is cleanest
    3) drive around with the lowest carbon footprint possible
  • Energy cost savings:
    Lower charging costs due to a more cost-efficiënt charging process where combined monetary value is retrieved from dynamic pricing, wholesale energy markets and ancillary services.
  • Faster charging and avoidance of expensive grid infrastructure upgrades:
    The power output of the charging station is often limited to avoid risks to overshoot the fuse. The Enervalis hardware incorporates real time on-site consumption measurements and adapts the charging power accordingly.
  • Avoid expensive grid infrastructure upgrades:
    No need for an upgrade of your grid connection and by consequence no extra fixed grid costs
  • Future-proof:
    Seamlessly upgradable to a full smart building.
    learn more about our smart building solution by clicking here.
  • Work with us
    We partner with all stakeholders within the e-mobility value chain and tailor our solutions to deliver the highest value for your business and customers whether it is for public or behind-the-meter smart charging. Our solution can be made available through open API or full-blown integration with your backend.

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