ABB Smart Energy Management module

In the past week, ABB introduced their Smart Energy Management module (SEM) on multiple occasions to the Dutch energy market.

The SEM is at the heart of the “All Electric” Zero to the Meter House. It controls all energetic components (heat pump, solar inverter, ventilation, eventual battery and other devices ifavailable) in a cost-effective way by maximizinggreen energy consumption at an optimum comfort.

The module was presented for the first time to the international public on the Enervalis booth of the European Utility Week in Amsterdam. At the celebration of 125 years ABB-the Netherlands in Nieuwegein, the SEM was one of the ABB novelties that received a lot of attention. Furthermore, the SEM was presented on the energy trade fair in Den Bosch by Wattz (Alklima, exclusive representative of Mitsubishi in the Netherlands) and ABB themselves. The presentation of the module in the Smart Energy Theater at the trade fair, was a big success and caught a lot of attention.

The Smart Energy Management module is a collaboration of ABB together with several partners including Enervalis. The SmartPower Suite © software of Enervalis is the application platform that drives the Smart Energy Module. For more information, contact us at

About Enervalis

We at Enervalis believe the world is evolving to 100% green energy production and that most of the energy consumption will be electric. This is the only way to keep our climate and planet healthy. This transition causes the electrical grid to become more and more unstable, which can lead to power outages.
Our mission is to predict and steer the energy system with software, to support a cost-effective green energy society.
Enervalis is based at the GreenVille incubator at Houthalen (B) and currently employs a staff of 21 people. Full details at:

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