Enervalis showcases unique public real-time smart green EV charging setup

Enervalis develops the operating system of the future energy network and has now showcased a unique real-time smart green EV charging solution. This is a public EV charging setup of 10 charge poles which is the most intense used EV charge park in Belgium to date. The way it is setup and additionally actually used as a public charge spot makes it a unique first of it’s kind and demonstrates the leading edge of the Enervalis SmartPowerSuite®.

This setup has been made possible thanks also to the collaboration and integration with EDF Luminus (the EV charge service provider at that location and the wind energy provider) and Social Charging (the app which the user uses to enter it’s flexibility).

Stefan Lodeweyckx (CEO & Founder): “For our team at Enervalis this was a natural extension of our own high focus on EV driving and green energy and we are thus very happy that this is now actually also a product that can significantly improve our societies mobile ecological footprint without loss of comfort”

Various media-sources reported on this showcase and below are some recent ones:

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