Enervalis software will be used to balance the Dutch TSO network with distributed assets

Enervalis is very pleased to have been selected for a proof of concept pilot request from Tennet regarding novel ways to use distributed assets to help balance the network in the future.This is perfectly inline with the vision of Enervalis that on one hand the increasing share of renewables and electrification would become a major challenge, but on the other hand can also become the solution. The solution is to be able to use the latent available flexibility from a wide and diverse set of distributed assets (consumption and production)Enervalis will deliver this solution to Tennet together with Scholt Energy who is end-responsible, brings the customers and is one of the forefront runners when it comes to new energy solutions which differ significantly from what traditional energy retails bring to the market.The pilot will start begin 2019 and once the first results arrive, Scholt Energy and Enervalis will update with more details about the assets in scope and the values brought.More details can be found in the TEnnet press release:https://www.tennet.eu/news/detail/balance-maintenance-with-solar-and-wind-energy-electric-boilers-and-district-heating/

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