Largest residential project on aggregated energy services making use of EEBUS and running Enervalis’ Smartpower Suite©

The EU Horizon 2020 project, called REnnovates, focuses on the deployment of an innovative, systemic and holistic approach comprising state-of-the-art renovation with smart ICT control based in the Netherlands.

Both companies, KEO, as developer and provider of the EEBUS Software Stacks and Enervalis, who is running its Smartpower Suite©, are partners in this project.Soon, Enervalis will offer EEBUS based solutions and services to feature optimal interoperability and interconnectivity for stakeholder domains, starting with HVAC.

Now KEO and Enervalis are proud to announce that more than 240 residential homes in three Dutch neighborhoods are using the EEBUS Software Stacks from KEO. This allows the flexible energy components of the individual houses to communicate in a standardized and consistent way with the Smartpower Suite© of Enervalis. Stefan Lodeweyckx CEO and Founder of Enervalis: “From an analogy of the success in telecommunications, Enervalis has always believed in open, standard system interfaces to achieve a real sustainable green energy transition. We are thus very pleased to have a first –  and at once biggest EU residential scale – EEBus project successfully implemented.  The collaboration with KEO has been very good and we look forwards to expanding this joint integration with new EEBus projects in Germany and beyond”

The EEBUS-based connectivity framework enables to overcome the hurdles of non-standardized communication and missing device interoperability within the buildings. For most residential buildings today, the missing interoperability among the energy-relevant devices makes it impossible for smart energy management to be implemented on a bigger scale.

The use of EEBUS as the unifying language for energy provides the needed interoperability to overcome this common obstacle. EEBUS is a global leading standard in the field of energy-relevant interconnectivity and the Internet of Things. Due to a consistent focus on cross-domain standardization, it is the basis for technology-independent and interoperable communication. With regard to smart energy management covering smart devices, such as domestic appliances, heating and air conditioning, as well as components of electromobility, e.g. EVs and charging technology, EEBUS opens up the new market of smart connectivity. (full details at: In this way, energy-relevant assets in the smart home, such as PV installation, smart meter, heat pump and eventually the battery, become active components of the smart grid. Speaking EEBUS, the Smartpower Suite© optimizes as energy management system the self-consumption of green energy, controls the solar – and eventual battery inverter and steers the heat pump in a smart way. This unified communication prevents from vendor lock-in and allows additional technologies and devices to be integrated in the smart home and smart grid.

“As REnnovates uses various manufacturers of different devices and technologies, each speaking their own language. Only a standardised communication with EEBUS enables the best possible connectivity and interoperability to reach the set goals for the green energy transition. In implementing the EEBUS standard in the REnnovates project, we’ve successfully demonstrated EEBUS’ great potential and added value to this market. This implementation marks an important step in the development of EEBUS as a global language for energy in future smart neighborhoods and smart grids. We are happy to continue the successful work with enervalis and looking forward to upcoming enervalis products featuring EEBUS on European markets.“ says Marc Eulen , Executive Manager & Partner KEO GmbH

The flexibility, this technological smartness brings along, is aggregated on grid level and based on the USEFmarket model. USEF has been developed by the main grid operators in the Netherlands- Alliander and Stedin in cooperation with five technology partners.

The potential for replication of the project in various European Mass-market is enormous, as further evolving domains, such as e-mobility, can easily be integrated in the concept. These domains are driven in the EEBus Initiative by leading companies and whole industry alliances, such as the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). EEBUS Software Stacks from KEO enable a seamless communication among manufacturers and service providers from various industries to realize new business models which are serving these markets.

About KEO

KEO is a Cologne-based company specialized in interoperable software solutions for the Internet of Things and leading in EEBUS implementations KEO brings companies into the age of cross-domain and technology-neutral device connectivity. KEO’s EEBUS Software Stack allow device manufacturers to offer interoperable technology-neutral solutions that offer great potential for new business models in the field energy management. More details at:

About Enervalis:

Enervalis are strong believers in a 100% renewable energy future. To facilitate this future, Enervalis has built the Smartpower Suite©, a software platform that supports the optimized matching of energy supply and demand by way of intelligent forecasts and controlling a wide array of devices that consume, generate and store energy. This makes the solution the central solution for a future cost-efficient, smart and green energy network. Enervalis is based at the GreenVille incubator at Houthalen (B) and currently employs 30 people. Full details at:

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