“The beauty of Enervalis’ solution is that everyone wins”

Stefan Lodeweyckx, Enervalis’ CEO, published a new article on insightssuccess.com to explain how and why Enervalis’ green energy approach differs from its contenders.

Several of the world’s largest companies are currently exploring the almost limitless possibilities of green energy. However, green energy sources like wind and solar are highly weather dependent and are therefore largely unpredictable. “At Enervalis, we understand there is a significant added value in the ability to predict energy supply and demand. This is why we developed powerful algorithms which enable to precisely calculate energy demand and adjust supply accordingly.”

While this is not an entirely new concept, Enervalis’ holistic approach breaks new ground. “Our competitors tend to look at specific aspects of energy management, like a voltage operator or another component to improve consistency or reliability of energy delivery. However, without having a holistic solution which connects everything together, their efforts will inevitably underperform.”

 “The beauty of Enervalis’ solution is that everyone wins: the consumer, the energy supplier, the energy distributor and, most importantly, our planet.”

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