The rise of EV’s: Curse or blessing?

Stefan Lodeweyckx, founder and CEO of Enervalis, published an article with some revealing insights about electric vehicles (EV’s) on

“Because of the grid/power problems that start to appear in several countries, the general public might think that EV’s are a bad evolution because ‘We already have electrical energy problems without all those EV’s’”, explains Stefan Lodeweyckx, Enervalis’ CEO.

“It is therefore fundamentally important that the public is informed well about the reality and the positive effects EV’s can have. People need to know that EV’s – when they are combined with advanced smart EV charging algorithms – are actually a blessing instead of a curse for the electrical grid. When the number of EV’s keeps on growing, the energy grid will be significantly greener, more stable and cost-effective than it is today.”

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