World’s first commercial mid-voltage level USEF congestion management service

Enervalis is proud to be involved in a world’s first commercial mid-voltage level USEF implementation together with energy supplier Scholt Energy Control and DSO Liander in the city of Nijmegen.

Nijmegen-North is a region where electricity demand and renewable energy has been developing much faster than expected. Instead of choosing to temporarily reinforce the local grid, the city together with Liander chose to setup a local congestion flexibility market based on the USEF framework.

The project is fully operational since December 2017 in which Enervalis acts as technical software enabler and unlocks the flexibility coming from a central heat pump, hot water buffer storage capacity and a backup gas boiler at the Van der Valk hotel of Nijmegen-Lent in an automated way.

This commercial project provides a blueprint for future local flexibility markets in which DSO’s, energy suppliers and aggregators are fully interconnected based on USEF ( and offsets the need for local grid reinforcements.

Enervalis is involved in by far the most projects where USEF is used as a framework for exchanging flexibility and therefore ready to support you in similar setups throughout Europe.

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