World’s first public smart V2G energy service with customers receiving an incentive to deliver energy from their EV’s

Enervalis is proud to announce that it has partnered with Dutch grid operator Alliander and New Motion, Europe’s leading provider of smart charging solutions to test and validate Vehicle to grid (V2G) technology in the city of Amsterdam.

Bidirectional chargers have been installed at public locations throughout the city of Amsterdam. Other V2G chargers have been installed at the offices of accounting firm PwC and a sports facility where electric vehicles can be charged or deliver electricity back to the internal electricity grid.

This project is unique in its kind and a world’s premiere as the bidirectional chargers will be made available for public use where participants will be given a financial contribution for their participation through a mobile app. Secondly, the impact of bidirectional charging on the low voltage grid will be dynamically tested and controlled based on a full-blown integration with grid operator Alliander.

Enervalis delivers the software that unlocks and optimizes the energy and grid related services of these EV’s through bidirectional charging through an end-to-end interfacing with the backend of New Motion and with Alliander based on the USEF framework, which makes it a very scalable setup for future mass-scale roll-out.

This project is part of the European City-Zen program in which the cities of Amsterdam and Grenoble City-Zen program are investigating how more renewable energy can be integrated in high densily populated areas and what its impact will be on the local electricity grid.
As the Netherlands are targeting 1 million EV’s on the road by 2025 and are leading the world in terms of electric charging infrastructure deployment, interoperability based on open standards and the development of smart charging, the city of Amsterdam is the ideal location for this innovative and unique V2G project.

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