VPP as a service

Enervalis offers VPP as a service. The only thing that customers do themselves is the fulfillment of their own customers and settling a commercial deal with trading platforms for energy. The rest of the functionality, including trading on trade platforms and controlling energy assets, is part of the service.

Virtual Power Plant

Many small assets together make a big impact

Enervalis VPP started from the problem that local electricity grids would not be able to facilitate the electrification of heating of homes and road transport in their current form. Enervalis has therefore always been focused on directing large numbers of smaller energy assets close to end users, such as heat pumps, EV charge points and electric cars. As a result, Enervalis has gained deep insight into the behavior of users and the operation of these assets. Enervalis adds this principle in the VPP solution. Many little ones together really make a big impact.

Enervalis makes it possible on the one hand to optimize energy consumption at the end of the customer, such as aiming for maximum self-consumption or lowest costs. On the other hand, Enervalis creates products to solve an imbalance in supply and demand on the level of Transport System Operators (TSO), such as FCR and aFFR.

Scholt Energy

Enervalis helps energy company Scholt to maximize the return on their energy assets for storage and production.

We Drive Solar

Enervalis enables smart charging for We Drive Solar. The money We Drive Solar makes with this, they partly give back to customers of their electric car sharing service.

Shell Recharge Solutions

Enervalis partnered with Tennet and Shell Recharge Solutions in a pilot for grid balancing using 4.000 of Shell’s home charging points.


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